It all started with an eccentric and curious Aquarian who happened upon good, talented, creative folk on her travels from all around the globe...


began working in the media industry over ten years ago. She was recognised early on, as a person with amazing ideas, the ability to
create tangible solutions and a knack for thinking outside of the box.

In 2000 she began studying meditation, then Astrology, and finally Buddhism. She stumbled into the role of personal and professional coaching, and
over 200 progressive folk from all over the world were attracted to her way of working, she has never advertised, and all her work thus far has been
through word-of-mouth.

Dynamic Astrology...

is a pioneering life-coaching method based on the stars. It is the genesis of Carolyne’s spiritual studies, work as a creative, experience as a
coach, and vocation as a humanitarian. She woke up one morning and decided to create a version of her method that everyone could use.

She is adamant that we cannot summarise the whole of humanity: their personalities; futures and pasts into twelve signs of the zodiac; however, she does
believe that we can use the teachings of astrology to influence and benefit our everyday lives. Dynamic Astrology Limited launched in 2014
with the goal to make astrology cool, easy-to-follow, and game-changing.

“Britain’s coolest astrologer” - Stella Magazine, Nov. 2017