Carolyne Faulkner is the founder and mother of Dynamic Astrology - Crack The Code...

Carolyne Faulkner is the founder and mother of Dynamic Astrology™ - Crack The Code, also known as D.A. and Dynamic.

Creative game changers and fairy-folk alike currently use this powerful method for energy management and life improvement.

D.A.'s founder is an internationally acclaimed soul-coach, innovative rebel, spiritual astrologer, science & kids fiction writer and genuine supporter and consultant to progressive people living all over the planet. For over ten years she has been quietly changing the face of astrology, successfully merging coaching and consulting with star knowledge, this helps eclectic and influential folk in tricky areas and through situations where support and insight is needed. Her clients' wins and positive transformations are quiet legend for those in the know all over the globe.

"Things get lighter, become more positive and possible when Carolyne gets on board, that's fact!"

Making waves in the creative industries on both sides of the pond, and known for working with captains of industry and creative start-ups alike Carolyne inspires and helps them all not only to achieve their material goals but also to actualise hidden dreams.

Her motivation to help those who are ready to help themselves in order to give something back is one of Carolyne's passions; a passion which became a major point of difference.

"It's a science backed fact; giving back increases our own happiness"

Dynamic Astrology: "Fascinating." - Harper Collins Design, New York.

Billed as the "real deal" by the media in the U.S. and then the U.K., she is respected for her accuracy and her genuine motivation to improve life for everyone and bring more fun and light into peoples lives.

"Dynamic Astrology is set to replace life coaching." - Grazia Magazine.

Carolyne is a deep, authentic and sincere person. Those who have worked with her and frequent the same varied circles actively support her mission to help raise humanity above petty competitiveness, away from the ruthless pursuit of profit and progressing towards a real humanity.

There can be no divide, we all share the same postcode:.

D.A. is geared towards reducing superficial ego and magnifying authenticity whilst at the same time nurturing skills and cultivating happiness.

The branding approach was directed by Carolyne and her son Kam. They supervised and collaborated with his talented artist friend Frazer in an effort to stylise astrology and modernise the art. Please get in touch if you wish to use any of our designs, hire our brand strategists and designers or anyone else in our camp.

You are free to use any of the astrochat and method, we only ask that you quote the source and always use it with integrity.

Respect creativity, rewards follow.

A Question for Carolyne:

Why such black grey and masculine branding?

"It's to attract a wider audience, I created a system that avoids fluffy imagery and flowery language to appeal to a more discerning audience and of course to men too. Everyone needs tools to improve emotional intelligence. D.A. is for men and women.

Science's reasoning says males are more impulsive and aggressive. I say that many men are just out of sync with their emotions and so I created my system with that in mind.

I really wanted to help us all to improve our emotional intelligence and cultivate intuition. We all need to think with our hearts in order to become happier and we must sidestep emotional reactivity and generally become less self-obsessed in order to achieve authentic contentment. Society now expects more than ever from us all: look good; never age; work hard; be a great partner and parent and be happy all the time. That's a tall order!

So, as I often say, we need to think with our hearts and grow with the mind”

"Heart won't lie."

Those who understand D.A. use it because the method is clever, it delivers tangible results and it's fun.

"Authenticity is nourishment." C.F.