Calculate your Birth Chart

Create your own Chart; it's really easy, try it now!

A chart is an astrological map of the stars and planets at the time you, or any other person, was born.

It may look complex but so is learning to drive a car, before the ding happens and driving begins to feel natural.

We aim to cultivate your intuition, which due to modern society is often far too tightly wrapped.

So, loosen up, grab a pen and match the symbols and houses using this site.

You have to learn how to read the map, and the key is this site.

Be patient and know that this is a language used to interpret and manage energy more successfully and it works.

Bear with us, this widget isn't perfect and we will create our own soon, until then, if you do not know your time of birth, just put in 00.00.

Calculate and then hover your mouse over the symbols to find the 12 main aspects - i.e. Saturn in Gemini

Go to the ruling planets section to read what Saturn means, then click on the sign Gemini under star signs section to see how that plays out.

Have Fun!