Dynamic Astrology

Change your response, change the game!

Dynamic Astrology™ Crack The Code is the pioneering self-improvement method based on the stars.

Change your response, change the game!

It has both indexed human behaviour and reinvented astrology as a tool that can be used in order to gain valuable insight useful for everyday living.

D.A. gives you a choice in how to deal with emotions and everyday life on a deeper level and with lightness. Light is key. Everything starts with emotion; the wheel of karma begins to spin with a reaction, and then will come the action.

The style and design of Dynamic Astrology is deliberately simple and has taken many moons to perfect, with symbolic meaning throughout. The design and content is a far step away from fluffy, esoteric psychobabble.

Now is the time to question everything

This self-improvement method is effective for anyone who is interested in progress and has an adventurous spirit coupled with an inquisitive mind.

A powerful coaching tool that cuts straight to the point, it really packs a punch and has a proven track record within underground creative scenes. D.A. delivers results and improves interactions within a cool, easy to use framework.

'Gone wrong?'

'Gone right?'

Choice is always yours.

Dynamic Evolution

If you wish to really understand something we have learned that it is best to examine its roots and evolution.

Dynamic Astrology's founder has combined ten years of spiritual and astrologic teachings with seven years of global research into the study of contemporary human behaviour and it was originally used as a life-coaching tool for the media movers and shakers behind breath-taking music; enlightening programmes; magical films; and news features that we watch on our screens.

It was trialled in September 2014 during a month long class at 'Shoreditch House' in London for their discerning membership who really embraced it and since then it has grown organically. All those who use it say that it is an extremely inventive way to communicate smoothly whilst also increasing a capacity for compassion resulting in happiness and overall wellbeing.

If you are fairly new to astrology in general, take it slowly. This is a new language and one well worth learning; rest assured the lessons are really very interesting. They begin with you!

This site will help you to begin to 'astrochat'. Ask people if they can chat astrologically and you will be surprised by how many can!

Traditional astrology can be complex, fixed and predictive at times, with patience Dynamic Astrology isn't. Learn the basic code, personalise it and then watch the dynamism kick in.

Dynamic Astrology™ - The new language for wise minds.