Dynamic Astrology

Change your response, change the game!

Dynamic Astrology™ Crack The Code is the pioneering self-improvement method based on the stars.

Dynamic Astrology is the key that enables you to unlock the complex code behind Human Behaviour.

It has both indexed human behavioural patterns and reinvented astrology as a user friendly, fun and valuable tool that can be used to simplify everyday life. Use it to gain a professional edge, freshen personal perspectives, and gain insight.

D.A. gives you a choice in how to deal with your own emotions and those of other people, this has proven to assist users both personally and professionally.

Times have changed and we do not solely rely on the powers that be to inform us or form our opinions, we make our own decisions, now is the time to question everything: change your response, change the game!

This is a powerful coaching tool that cuts straight to the point, it really packs a punch and has a proven track record within underground creative scenes. D.A. delivers results and improves interactions within a cool, easy-to-use framework.

This self-improvement method is effective for anyone who is interested in progress and has an adventurous spirit coupled with a curious mind.

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Dynamic Evolution

When it comes to understanding something, we have learned that it is best to examine its roots and asses its evolution.

Dynamic Astrology's founder Carolyne Faulkner combined over ten years of spiritual and astrologic teachings with years of global research into the study of contemporary human behaviour from a life coach’s perspective. She originally used as a life-coaching tool, mostly for her clients within the media industry, the movers and shakers behind breath-taking music; enlightening programmes; magical films; and news features that we watch and read on our screens.

It was trialled in September 2014 during a month long class at the Soho House group’s outpost in east London; 'Shoreditch House' for their discerning members who really embraced it, and since then it has grown organically. All those who use it agree that this version of astrology is an extremely inventive way to understand themselves, other people and the overall rhythms of life.

If you are fairly new to astrology in general, take it slowly. This is a new language and one well worth learning; rest assured the lessons are really very interesting.

They begin with you!

Dynamic Astrology™ - The new language for wise minds.