"Be humble for you are made of earth,

be noble for you are made of stars"

- anon

Houses And Very Brief Meanings

All astrological charts are divided into twelve 'houses' and each house governs specific areas of life. At the time of your birth, or at any time that you draw a chart, each of the main planets we use is located in one of the twelve houses. Listed below are the most general meanings for each house:

First House:

Your ego and self-identity; how you appear to the world and the first impression you make on others. Your external presentation, including physical characteristics sometimes come into play and the first house is very similar to the 'rising sign'.

Second House:

Your personal finances; how you build resources; money-matters and possessions, and your attitude to wealth in general.

Third House:

Communication with others; relationships with siblings; your immediate environment; short journeys and learning in general.

Fourth House:

Security; home and family; your childhood and ancestral roots; your experience of mother and maternal influences in general; nurture and sensitivity.

Fifth House:

Your creative inspiration and self-expression; self-investment; risk-taking; love affairs; children; drama and ego.

Sixth House:

Your daily life; health concerns; work and service; personal sacrifice and healing.

Seventh House:

Your identity with regard to others; romance; marriage and partnerships of all kinds; contracts; negotiations and harmony.

Eighth House:

Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll; other people's resources; death and inheritance; transformation and our ability to change deeply; rituals of all types and the occult

Ninth House:

Spirituality and religion; long-distance travel; higher education; philosophy; law; publishing; expansion and luck.

Tenth House:

Your relationship to status, authority and power; reputation; social status; career; government institutions; corporations; the father and other authority figures in general.

Eleventh House:

Socialising, networking and connecting; friends and your connection to humanity in general; group associations; hopes and aspirations; ideals; the media industry.

Twelfth House:

Your spiritual life and a natural connection to the universe; dreams and the unconscious; things that are hidden; music; dance; meditation; Yoga and all things metaphysical.



In a natal chart the 'house' placement of the 'Sun sign' denotes the main area of self-expression in the life of the individual. 'Aspects' to the Sun have deep significance in the life of the individual and can override the natural traits of the sign.


The 'house' placement of the Moon denotes the areas of experience that play a dominant role in our emotional lives. It shows the things we are most drawn to in order to gain emotional equilibrium and increase emotional wellbeing.

The Moon's placement:

The 'South node' of the Moon in an astrological chart describes behaviour patterns from the past.

The 'North node' of the Moon indicates the karmic direction you are evolving toward as you progress in life.


The 'rising sign' shows:

The 'first house' is similar to the 'rising sign'.

Dynamic Notes: