How D.A. Helps

D.A. sharpens intuition and improves emotional intelligence

How Dynamic Astrology helps

D.A is a fast and easy way to understand our own behaviour and reactions using the basics of traditional astrology with a powerful and cool edge. It is an energy management tool that provides a framework within which to improve. You will be able to gauge and manage human behaviour and also energy in general.

D.A. sharpens intuition and improves emotional intelligence.

Fun and light, yet astonishingly accurate D.A. shows how to use ancient astrologic patterns in a contemporary way in order to gain an insight that can prove advantageous, whilst also increasing confidence and happiness.

D.A. shows how to use ancient astrologic patterns in a contemporary way in order to gain an insight that can prove advantageous, whilst also increasing confidence and happiness.

Self-awareness is sexy; unaware is unattractive, and so last century.

There are folk who use astrology to gauge the stock markets, and there is one notorious banker who used it very successfully.

J.P. Morgan was famously quoted as saying that "to become a millionaire is easy, but to become a billionaire takes good astrology."

I guess he would know. In 1901 Morgan set up 'U.S. Steel', the world's first billion-dollar corporation but died only a few years later.

Mind never dies. Invest in that!

This star-language is universal, and now for the first time ever it's been revised, stylised and simplified so that everyone, not just the elite, can effectively use it for improvement.

We are all connected, when one of us suffers, so do we all.

We know that this method encourages happiness. Who cares about the name of the framework used when the positive results speak for themselves?

Dynamic isn't just any old astrology. Self-aware people are the happiest. Dynamic is a happiness revolution!

Let's clear something up before we delve any deeper. It cannot be possible to split the whole of humanity into twelve signs and expect all of the people banded into certain signs to experience the same things at the same time.

Dynamic Astrology isn't like that. It is flexible. Outcomes are never predicted or surely set in stone. Choice is available and the future is always ours to create.

Our experience in life is 10% external situation; the results are 90% our own reactions.

Use the 'go right' potential of your sign, it helps you to earn self-respect and feel successful. Success attracts more success.

The most successful folk we know are happy in their own skins and enjoying life because they know that every day holds great potential for happiness. Even simply waking-up to that fact is a blessing.

Your vibe attracts your tribe!

Energy is like a boomerang, whatever you put out there so you get back. If you are surrounded by toxic people, clean your own life up, never be afraid to stand alone, detach without destroying relationships and be happy. You want to give back to humanity? Be happy! that lifts our vibrations.

Being realistically optimistic attracts the right tribe, eventually!

Cultivate gratitude; this is the way to increase wellbeing and happiness

Dynamic prescribes to the theory that the soul, or mind, is infinite and the only thing that follows us around like a shadow is conscience.

We believe that mind does not die. In fact it continues to create future lives. So whilst we all face loss on a worldly level at some point, if our mind is eternal, then there can be no such thing as death and your karma will plant seeds that can eventually, and then repeatedly, bloom into fruitful orchards.

No selfie-sticks allowed! This is deep.

The twelve star signs are each allocated keywords. Many traits will be apparent to you when you look at yourself and those in your social circles honestly. Learn the keywords for each sign. This will help you to decrypt your own code, along with others' reactions and their behaviour in general.

It's hilarious when you accurately match people you know to signs hidden within their natal chart that they themselves were unaware of.

It suggests simple tips that will help you to personally grow and improve as a person and to better understand the people around you and the changing world in general.

If you have a basic understanding of the law of karma, or cause and effect, you will know that there can never be any external peace if ones own mind is not peaceful. Energy is like a boomerang, whatever energy or vibes we pump out into the world, so we get back eventually, sometimes instantly!

D.A. encourages the habit of pausing before reacting, and in that pause you create enough space to choose how you will respond. Within that space you can fast identify which keyword you, or another, are working with.

When you read up on the section matched with the keyword deeper insight is obtained and personal intuition is enhanced. The keywords will trigger each person's imagination based on their own experiences.

Trigger your own analytical skills and have fun with it.

This accurate framework helps to support positive change and you will become lighter as a result. Responses become refined with thought, and all are able to engage with others and able to understand each other on a level that is both deeper and much more authentic. We can all see people trapped, like mice in a cage running around on a wheel, trying to escape from their own minds.

We want to set them free.

We wish to help everyone break free from any self-imposed cages created by their own minds and by unconscious patterns of non-progressive behaviour. We highlight ingrained patterns of unhelpful behaviour that can rule peoples lives and makes it all so predictably boring and unattractive.

Awareness makes life much more fun, smooth (eventually!) and leads to increased happiness levels. It is never simply a situation, or another person's behaviour, that springboards us into a muddy pool of emotions. How we respond 100% determines whether the outcome will be helpful. The choice is ours. When we begin to become more mindful, which basically translates as thinking before speaking or acting, progress will breed more progress.

Understanding how we react to the energy around us has the potential to change the game.

Dynamic is for game changers!

The energy we choose to use counts for everything and determines the happiness levels of everyone. Want to give back? Be happy!

Those who constantly bitch and moan lower the earth's vibrations and decrease happiness for everyone else!

Those who use the 'gone wrong' too often will create mostly negative situations for all, and the foundations that support our carefully constructed relationships and lives can then be more easily destroyed. We are more likely to attract unwholesome experiences and people into our lives.

'Go right' and you manage your own lives more effectively. This attracts much better results all round.

We can also discover the root causes behind another person's behaviour, enabling us to then deal with it more effectively and with greater compassion.

We are all made up of different particles made inside stars; we are all so different, yet our humanity unites us.

We each have the same Earthly postcode and none of us are immortal. Being selfish is just so short sighted and repellent to those in the know.

We are spiritual beings enjoying a physical existence, one of many. As children of the Universe the Earth is our playground and the stars are our generous benefactors.

Dynamic is such a powerful tool, so please use it with integrity and always check your motivation.

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Signs Go Right, Signs Go Wrong

This is the main question throughout D.A.

D.A. encourages the habit of pausing for long enough to assess human behaviour. It matches behaviour to keywords in the D.A. dictionary at the back of the book. These direct you to the sign that is matched with that energy. The signs 'go right' and they 'go wrong'. Keywords give you more insight and awareness to tackle issues.

Everything is interdependent. Situations only ever arise through cause and effect. This is Karma. Karma washes over us like waves of the ocean, and we need to learn to surf. This means learning to take control of our own responses and reactions. This shifts our awareness up a gear. It changes how, what and whom we attract. Whatever energy we put out there, so we shall attract. Therefore we need to study our minds, follow our hearts and listen to our intuition. When you know your strengths and face your challenges, life becomes much more interesting and you can then move to the next level of the game.

"We are absolutely living in the most fascinating times of our history, so what ever you do, don't be bored." - Carpet Bombing Culture