How to use D.A.

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground"

- Theodore Roosevelt



★ Click on your star sign or someone's you wish to understand better. Each sign lists a few of the "gone right" and "gone wrong" traits allocated to that sign. It is worth noting here that we each have a little of each of the signs in our full charts, so study them all and see which ones relate to you most.

For Example...

Luna is uber controlling and super ambitious, her star sign is Taurus but neither keywords show up under Taurus, after checking in with her full chart, Luna has Virgo rising (control falls under Virgo) and Capricorn moon (ambitious falls under Capricorn).

Delve Deeper


★ Draw your full chart here and bet your bottom Dollar or Pound, Euro, Ruble or Peso that you can cross reference the keywords you relate to most with the sign featuring in your own or someone else’s full chart. Ignore the lines in the middle of the chart, and all the numbers except the numbers, listing the houses in the middle from 1-12. Use the symbols in the planets section here to identify the main players in the chart and then the signs symbols here to figure out what sign your planet falls in.

★ Use the D.A method in conjunction with your natal chart. As before, a natal chart is a map showing the positions of certain planets and stars in the sky calculated by using a person's day, time and location of birth. It is like a photograph of the sky at the time you were born, almost like a blueprint and D.A. provides a navigation system.

★ Using your natal chart, check for activity in each of the twelve Houses. If you have a lot of planets in a particular sign or house, this indicates that you have the potential to work with the harmful or helpful qualities of that sign/energy through the house. Each person's chart will have a little of all of the signs' energies to work with.

★ The signs describe how energy plays out when combined, or prominent, in a chart. When you know the keywords driving that sign you can asses the motivation behind it, you then have the potential to magnify, or reduce, that energy.

Tune in, or Tune out; 'gone wrong' or 'gone right'. The choice is always yours.

Be Mindful - Observe!


★ During interactions and observations notice what words spring to your mind to describe the behaviours encountered. Whatever you notice, look it up in each signs own section, for tips.

★ Used on someone you know well to begin with, D.A. is easier to learn and seriously fun. If the keyword for their behaviour doesn't match their actual star-sign, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be somewhere prominent in their natal chart. The keywords of many of the signs will speak to you, not just your own.

★ Keep asking - "What sign is that person displaying? Is it 'gone wrong' or 'gone right'?" A situation, or a person, is either a sign 'gone wrong' or 'gone right'. This is the main question at the crux of Dynamic Astrology.

Apply what you read and watch how patterns unfold. Analysing human behaviour and situations; assigning a keyword and then trying to guess the sign it belongs to is fascinating stuff... and, it is uncannily accurate.

Have Fun!