How to use D.A.

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground"

- Theodore Roosevelt

How to use Dynamic Astrology

It's as easy as One - Two - Three.


★ Click on your star sign or someone's you wish to understand better. The star sign, known in astrology as the sun sign, is only one part of a much bigger picture. The Sun is indicative of a person's ego, self-identity and soul needs. Whatever sign (energy) it is in shows trends and highlights patterns of behaviour that are listed as keywords.

★ The keywords for each sign, also known in Dynamic Astrology as 'energy', are listed and can have multiple meanings that have been left loose to encourage the use of your own intuition in terms of painting the full picture. We all have the capacity to tune into any of the signs depending on our charts and the time of year.

★ D.A. introduces you to your sun sign; its ruling planet; the house it naturally inhabits and your opposite sign. In the 'Dynamic Astrology Book' the sections are listed 1-12, in the same order as the houses in the Zodiac, which makes it easier to use.

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You will understand how these three factors combine when you work with D.A. regularly and get to know your full 'natal chart'.

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Want to go deeper?

★ Use D.A. in conjunction with your natal chart. A natal chart is a map showing the positions of certain planets and stars in the sky calculated by using a person's day, time and location of birth. It is like a photograph of the sky at the time you were born, almost like a blueprint and D.A. provides a navigation system.

★ Using your natal chart, check for activity in each of the twelve Houses. If you have a lot of planets in a particular sign or house, this indicates that you have the potential to work with the harmful or helpful qualities of that sign/energy through the house. Each chart will have a little of all of the signs' energies to work with.

★ The signs describe how energy plays out when combined, or prominent, in a chart. When you know the keywords and motivation behind each sign, you have the potential to magnify, or reduce, that energy.

Tune in, or tune out; 'go wrong' or 'go right'. The choice is always yours. Choose your own D.A. Sign!

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★ A primary list of keywords is available throughout each of the signs and a very comprehensive list of keywords is at the back of the 'Dynamic Astrology Book' in a directory format. This directs you to the sign allocated to that keyword. Keywords are allocated to each of the twelve signs and listed under your sign. (See Star Signs.)

★ During interactions and observations notice what words spring to your mind to describe the behaviours encountered. Whatever you notice, look it up in the directory, or in each signs own section, for tips.

★ Used on someone you know well to begin with, D.A. is easier to learn and seriously fun. If the keyword for their behaviour doesn't match their actual star-sign, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be somewhere prominent in their natal chart. The keywords of many of the signs will speak to you, not just your own.

★ Keep asking - "What energy is that person displaying? Is it 'gone wrong' or 'gone right'?" A situation, or a person, is either a sign 'gone wrong' or 'gone right'. This is the main question at the crux of Dynamic Astrology.

Apply what you read and watch how patterns unfold. Analysing human behaviour and situations; assigning a keyword and then trying to guess the sign it belongs to is fascinating stuff ...and it is uncannily accurate.

Have Fun!