Ruling Planets

Ruling Planets

The 'ruling planet' indicates the 'what' in someone's chart and the same rules as before apply. Everything in Dynamic Astrology is all about three - that's the magic number!

  • 1. What is the Planet/Ruler.
  • 2. What sign is it in?
  • 3. What house is it in?

You must find the 'ruler', to find out the 'what' (e.g. the Sun represents a person's identity or their ego); the sign represents 'how' it works out and the 'house' is 'where' all that plays out. So find the ruler; the sign it's in and which house it resides in for a fuller picture.

For example:

You may know that the person's star sign (or sun sign) is Cancer. In astrology this means that the Sun was in the constellation Cancer when that person was born.

The Sun is the ruler and represents a person's identity or their ego.

Upon further study based on the time of birth of the person you find that the Sun was in the Eighth house. The Eighth house shows an attraction to sex, drugs, rock and roll, the occult and the deeper sides of life. Briefly put, this person is probably emotional and intuitive, attracted to music, mind altering substances and the occult, and is very likely to be a sexy and magnetic personality.

Read about the Sun in the 'ruling planets' listed below to find the 'what';

Read about Cancer to find the 'how';

Read about the house to find the 'where'.

  • Sun
    indicates a person's ego and self-identity. It rules Leo 'The Lion'.
  • Moon
    indicates a person's emotions and reactions, it rules Cancer 'The Guardian'.
  • Mercury
    indicates a person's mind and what interests them, it rules Gemini 'The Story Teller' & Virgo 'The Perfectionist'.
  • Venus
    indicates how a person loves another and their romantic expectations, it rules Libra 'The Diplomat' & Taurus ' The Architect'.
  • Mars
    indicates a person's overall energy, drive and sexuality, it rules Aries 'The Pioneer'.
  • Saturn
    indicates restrictions, lessons and the sign its in must be 'mastered', it rules Capricorn 'The Authority' & Aquarius ' The Connector'.
  • Uranus
    indicates the energy the person must become aware of and manage, it co rules Aquarius 'The Connector'.
  • Neptune
    indicates a person's intuition, their dreams and fears, it rules Pisces 'The Vision'.
  • Chiron
    indicates a person's vulnerability and wounds and areas to heal, it co rules Virgo 'The Perfectionist'.
  • Juno
    indicates the right energy to attract and use for successful marriages
  • Pluto
    indicates transformation, motivation and power. It co-rules Scorpio 'The Motivation' along with Mars and governs the eighth house.
  • Jupiter
    indicates a person's natural gifts and the energy where they go over the top! It rules Sagittarius 'The Inspiration'.