Star Signs

Sparkle Like The Star You Are

Use Dynamic Astrology as a well-being and coaching tool, it identifies energy through the signs and asks the question throughout "gone wrong" "gone right" which are you working with or attracting?

Study your opposite sign as you attract and share many life lessons and traits; look at their "gone right" for tips on how to flip your own "gone wrong".

Fire signs

Earth signs

Air signs

Water signs

To sparkle like the star you are, embracing your sun sign which is also known as the star sign, is the fastest route. The sun sign represents the path to the soul.

Awareness is the first step in this powerful transformation!

Knowing how to embrace the 'gone right' of your sign is the way to reach utter contentment. Facing the shadow side is a must, we each of us have a shadow and if we ignore the 'gone wrong' we are likely to attract it through others throughout our daily lives.

Face Your Shadow!

If you do not 'feel' like your sun sign in terms of the characteristics you are about to read, then you may have aspects to others signs in your full chart that are stronger, this needs to be addressed and a full chart reading is advisable.

Connect to your sun sign for ultimate soul contentment and shine like a luminary in all that you do.