What is Dynamic Astrology

The Life Coaching Method Based On The Stars

It’s a pioneering and proven self-improvement method based on the stars.

Based on a birth chart which enables you to collect clues about yourself or another a person, this builds a framework of characteristics and life experiences which are sketched out in pencil, in our books nothing is ever set in stone. We each have the power in our own hands to create the lives that we want (unless, of course, you want someone else's life, which is nigh on impossible!)

Dynamic Astrology is a life coaching method based on an algorythym of certain stars and their impact on humans and the energy around us.


Birth Chart

A birth chart is a snapshot of the sky, almost like an energetic scribble across space at the precise time you or someone else was born, which maps out the position of the sun, moon and the other planets used in astrology to help a build a picture of character and that person’s strengths, challenges and potential!

Your future is not written in the stars, it's in your hands!

Tone the scepticisim down, and turn the awareness up.

Don't get left behind!