What is Dynamic Astrology

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves"

- William Shakespeare

Dynamic Astrology (D.A.) is a pioneering self-improvement method based on the stars.


Begin the journey by studying the magic three;

  • Sun Sign
  • Moon Sign
  • Rising Sign

There are calculators on this site to locate all three based on your time and date of birth.


Everything in our solar system revolves around our star, the Sun, which sits at its centre. In a similar way the ego is at the core of our personal identity.

In astrology, we say that the Sun reveals:

  • The person's character.
  • What the individual is trying to achieve.
  • How their ego manifests.

The Sun rules Leo, but everyone has the Sun in his or her natal chart somewhere, so we each have ego to work with, and against.

The placement of the Sun in the chart (which zodiac sign/energy it resides in) indicates:

  • How your natural drive and ambition will be directed.
  • The types of people and experiences you are most likely to be attracted to.
  • A person's ego and identity.
  • Study the keywords associated with your own sign.
  • Try where possible to harness the 'gone right' and reduce the 'gone wrong' throughout your daily lives.
  • Calculate how you feel afterwards.

Please remember that becoming aware is the very first step toward transformation!

Even if you are attracting the 'gone wrong', and not actually using it directly, it is still something innate within you that attracts these types of situations.

Awareness is the first stage in Dynamic, calculated action comes later. This will make you feel in control and much happier.


The Moon draws a circle around the Earth. It moves through our sky more swiftly than the other stars and bodies - spending approximately two and half days at a time in each sign.

In astrology, the Moon represents:

  • The inner, emotional life and the unconscious - which is molded and shaped by our early childhood experiences.
  • The environment.
  • The perception we have of our Mother and her early care.
  • How we respond to life due to our past-life habits and experiences in childhood (this time round).
  • A good indication of instincts and intuition.

While the Sun reveals our life-purpose and, teamed with Saturn, our lessons for this present life cycle, the Moon represents that which we have already done and developed, hence instinctive and almost natural to us, and that which we tend to repeat. The Moon also indicates past-life negative tendencies that we must move on from.

  • So check your Moon sign and read the 'gone wrong' as well as the 'gone right'!
  • Even if you abhor the traits of the 'gone wrong', you will definitely have attracted people and situations that display them.

Awareness is the first stage in D.A.


  • Governs a person's personality or the energy they often use most.
  • Changes every two hours. (If you don't know your time of birth, getting to know the key traits for each sign will help you to figure out which is yours.)
  • It is often the mask behind which many people hide.
  • Calculate your rising sign (you will need your time of birth)