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  • A fully bespoke, interactive birth chart (personalised)
  • Designed to accompany the books ‘The Signs’ and ‘Your Signs’/’Your Stars 2020’
  • In depth information on the main Planets (generic)
  • Basic ‘Gone Right’ and ‘Gone Wrong’ traits for your 12 Signs (generic)
  • Information on which Planets are in which Sign in each of the 12 houses (personalised)


  • A fully bespoke, larger, interactive birth chart
  • In depth information on the main Planets (generic)
  • In depth information on the Planets and how they connect to the Signs and information on how they work for you and how to amplify the ‘Gone Right’ (the fix) (personalised)
  • In-depth information on your 12 Signs
  • In-depth information on the planets (Sun, Moon, Nodes, etc.) and how they play out for you
  • Venus commitment rating – this relates to love, relationships and how you commit to using the ‘Gone Right’ traits of the Sign Venus falls in–(personalised)
  • Gain unlimited insight into other people and their charts
  • Draw as many charts as you like for 12 months
  • Screenshot and share.

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With premium you have access to much larger, beautifully designed birth charts.

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Unlimited access to decode your birth-chart (and everyone else's') for 12 months.


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