Dynamic Astrology

The dynamic life coaching method based on the stars.

Dynamic Astrology is a life coaching method based on the ancient wisdom of the stars and an algorithm of human behaviour, its a unique compendium of stars, and their impact upon humans and the energies around them.

‘Let’s clear something up right from the start. It cannot be possible, nor is it logical, to split the whole of humanity into twelve star signs and expect them all to be the same types of people experiencing the same things at the same time.’ (Carolyne Faulkner, The Signs)

Our executive coaching expertise combined with the ancient wisdom of the stars creates the acclaimed Dynamic Astrology (D.A.) algorithm: a specially designed framework to help train your intuition in order to better know yourself and understand the people around you. Dynamic Astrology puts you at the heart of your decision-making and in control of your own destiny.

‘Dynamic Astrology isn’t just about reading star signs, it’s about giving a language to energy and making it work for you.’

Life is like a team game and your astrology chart takes you behind the scenes to meet the team. The planets are players, zodiac signs show you how they play and the houses show you where. This all encompassing and authentic approach goes beyond merely reading signs.

Drawing a chart enables you to collect clues about yourself and other people. The method (or crux of the code) will show which of your own signs (or anyone’s) have gone rogue. With quick tips and essential “Go Right’ or ‘Go Wrong’ guidance for your unique sign and personality, you can sharpen your skills and tweak your mindset, alter behaviours and, thus, change the game around you for the better.

When you first begin to understand which of the twelve signs feature most prominently in your birth chart you can then start to acquaint yourself with the reactions assigned to each of these signs and simply follow the fix. The carefully designed chart calculator builds a safe framework of characteristics, strengths and challenges to determine your overall potential.

Dynamic Astrology isn’t just about your star sign, but about your rising sign, moon sign, the planet they fall under and the ‘house’ they manifest in. Getting to know your signs, how they work and what they mean for you enhances your experience of life, offers greater self-control and choice. Gone right, gone wrong, with awareness, nothing is ever fixed. The choice is always yours.

We each hold the power to become the very best versions of ourselves with the freedom to create the lives we most desire. D.A. changes the rules of the game and is designed to help you get the best out of life.

Who are YOU? Establish strengths - Combat weakness: draw your chart


A birth chart is a snapshot of the sky, almost like an energetic scribble across space, at the precise time you were born or at a single moment in time that you wish to analyse. The chart maps out the positions of the sun, the moon and all of the other celestial objects used in astrology, in order to help build a picture of the potential in your stars.

Who are YOU? Establish strengths - Combat weakness: draw your chart

Nobody's future is written in the stars, the future is ours to create!