Dynamic Astrology

Dynamic Astrology

Dynamic Astrology is the pioneering self-improvement method based on your own stars. It’s designed for people who don’t like to be ‘told’ and for those who prefer to take control of their own destiny.

Our Founder Carolyne Faulkner was not content to simply translate for others, she is the first person this century (perhaps ever) to focus solely on sharing the previously secret and complex language of the stars with the people. Dynamic Astrology lets you do it for yourself.

Dynamic Astrology isn’t just about your star sign, it’s about the rest of your chart and how it interacts: it’s about your moon sign, rising sign, the planet they fall under and which ‘house’ they manifest in. When you first begin to understand which of the 12 signs or elements feature most prominently in your birth chart, you start to acquaint yourself with the reactions assigned to each of the signs, and then just follow the ‘fix’ which is a term used in the tech world for finding a solution. This gives us the ability to balance our own individual mix of air, earth, water and fire that exists within us all.

The carefully designed chart calculator builds a safe yet deliberately loose framework of characteristics, strengths and challenges - it maps out your overall potential. Characteristics and life experiences in your chart are only ever sketched out in pencil.

We each hold the power to become the very best versions of ourselves, with the freedom to create the lives we most desire. The great thing is, nothing’s set in stone. The choice is yours–but D.A. changes the rules of the game, and soon becomes an empowering habit to help you get the best of life.

The Founder

Dubbed ‘Britain’s coolest astrologer’ (Stella Magazine -The Telegraph and Grazia), Carolyne Faulkner is a passionate advocate for mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

Her studies into the mind through spiritual practices including meditation, and the impact of the stars on human behaviour via astrological wisdom, teamed with her passion for Yoga resulted in her becoming a fully accredited Vinyasa Flow teacher and transformed her into a game-changing life-coach.

In 2014 Carolyne launched Dynamic Astrology Ltd and is the first British woman to solely design, write and launch an astrological software programme, enabling people to practice astrology in their daily lives.

Carolyne’s debut best-selling book The Signs has been translated into 12 languages and sold worldwide, breaking new ground for DIY astrology as a self–improvement tool. Her new book Your Stars is a daily empowerment journal for 2020; forecasting the movement of the planets and teaching how to harness these energies to create positive change. It will be published by HarperCollins in September 2019.

‘Nobody’s future is written in the stars, the future is ours to create.’ - Carolyne

Carolyne Faulkner became the resident astrologer for the Soho House Group in 2009 and has over 200 clients and a monthly column in Tatler Magazine. With 15 years’ experience behind her, she is a leading voice in the well-being space, working to make mind, body and spirit-care a priority and promoting her unique take on astrology that is both accessible and applicable to modern life.

Both The Signs and her new book Your Stars (in the U.S. Your Signs) are beautifully written and full of down-to-earth analysis of how we can use knowledge of our astrological star signs to empower our decision-making, relationships, and ambitions. The new daily astrology journal will teach us how to embrace the shifts caused by the movements of the planets as we move through 2020, teaching how to avoid negative outcomes, and focusing on amplifying positive behaviours.

‘Astrology has well and truly gone mainstream and Carolyne is the dream author bringing it down to earth – an absolute expert, unrivalled in her knowledge, incredibly hardworking, and with a genuine passion for helping, guiding and empowering others.’ Harper Collins.

Carolyne's Journey

In 2006 Carolyne began searching for spiritual teachers and discovered meditation. She began a journey to the far-flung corners of the globe on a search for answers to life’s deeper questions. Extensive soul-searching led her to Astrology, which soon became her second language.

Carolyne also found a love for Tibetan Buddhism and her revered teachers, who directed her to become the coach she is today–fused with her enlightened masters’ teachings and a profound understanding of astrologic patterns, birth charts, and ancient wisdom of the stars.

A decade on, and Carolyne had a mission: to make astrology cool and edgy, by designing a version of her unique method for everyone to use, in an easy-to-understand way.

D.A. was created as a life coaching method based on an algorithm of human behaviour, a unique compendium of stars, and their impact on humans and the energies around them…and that is just the beginning.