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Cookies on Dynamic Astrology.

This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us customise your experience.

'Cookies' are small text files that are stored by the browser (for example, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Duck- Duck Go - the latter doesn't save any of your information and is totally private BTW) on your computer, phone or watch. They allow websites to store things like user preferences. Cookies are almost like a 'memory' for the website you use, so that it remembers you and acts accordingly to tailor your experience for ease and speed.

We do not use any cookies directly, we do however use the following third parties ‘google translate' to give you all the content in your preferred language and send you to a place where you may buy ‘The Signs’ from the publisher who kindly bought it and translated it for your native tongue. We also use ‘google analytics’ - we only check these in house - mostly to see if you guys stay up as late as we do, and which content you like best on the chart calculator, we can’t see you though don’t worry! Again, it’s to help us understand which aspects of the site work for you and which don’t. Obviously we want you to buy and enjoy our premium service but all the information is kept in house and none of it is ever shared by us with anyone the late Bill Hicks would not approve of!


How do Dynamic Astrology use cookies?

A visit to a page on our website may generate the following types of cookie:
Sign-In cookies - when you sign up for our premium access we generate cookies that let us know whether you are signed in or not. Our servers then use these cookies to work out which account you are signed in with, and to load your saved birth charts.

Every time someone visits our website, Google analytics cookies can tell us whether or not you have visited the site before. Your browser will tell us if you have these cookies and, if you don't, we generate new ones. This allows us to track how many individual users we have and how often they visit the site. We use these cookies to gather statistics, for example, the number of visits to a page and how long is spent on each page. It is not always accurate as we know that sometimes people stay logged in when they make a cup of tea, call their mothers or start binge watching something online …but it can help us! Again, we can’t see who you are, just where. And if we really could be arsed to search your IP address, which is like the password for WIFI that we rarely ever change to something simpler ...loads of xxyyyzzz and dots and non sequenced numbers!

The Google translate and analytics (third party cookies) on some pages of our website may also set their own anonymous cookies. They do this to track the success of their application, or to customise the application for you. Because of how cookies work, our website cannot access these cookies, nor can the other organisation access the data in cookies we use on our website. For example, if you share a page or chart using a social-media sharing button (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Google+) on Dynamic Astrology, the social network that has created the button will record that you have done this.


If you wish to turn the cookies off…

It is usually possible to stop your browser accepting cookies, or to stop it accepting cookies from a particular website. However, we cannot tell if you are signed in without using cookies, so you would not be able to read in any other language or access your birth charts or other favourites.

Browsers allow you to change your cookie settings. You can usually find these settings in the 'Options' or 'Preferences' menu of whichever browser you are using.