Why Chart?

Dynamic Astrology - Why Chart?

Discover the secrets behind your distinct and unique astrological chart. It is truly a gift from the Stars!

Every human being has an individual birth chart as a result of the planetary and astrological alignments in the skies at the moment of birth. It provides us with remarkable insights into who we really are.

Analysing the planetary positions and relationships between them in your birth chart provides a profound and revealing glimpse into your natural character, outlining the inherent ‘gone-right’ and ‘gone-wrong’ versions of yourself. Dynamic Astrology doesn’t stop there, it offers simple and effective coaching tips to magnify the former and transform the latter.

You can unlock your personality and start to appreciate and understand your strengths and weaknesses, romantic compatibility and personal idiosyncrasies. You can begin to navigate across life accompanied by a reliable and accurate guide.

Begin this journey by using our free chart calculator– you will need to know the date and location of your birth, and if you know your time of birth - even better. If you don’t have your time of birth, don’t worry because we have factored that in too. Whilst you may not have as much insight, you’ll always gain so much.

Upgrade to premium for so much more depth and insight, you have unlimited access for 12 months, so draw as many people's charts as you wish, and master the technique.